Intellectual Property

Today’s inventive processes require new comprehensive solutions optimized for effective, full spectrum management of in-process ideas and proprietary information assets.

Without question, in this day and age, and considering the rapid pace of innovation that exists in most industries, it has become critically important to focus on building comprehensive, efficient, productive and secure intellectual asset processes.

It’s no longer tolerable for these assets—arguably the source of competitive strength in this knowledge economy—to be left to ad hoc management and disparate processes. They need to be proficiently captured, appropriately codified, disseminated properly, assessed and prioritized by the “right” people within your organization, valued, and ultimately leveraged for commercial gain—as swiftly as possible.

As an innovation-driven company, your intellectual property can represent as much as 90 percent of your corporate assets.  MindMatters Technologies’  INNOVATOR™ Solutions provide the highest threshold of protection for your intellectual property – trade secrets, copyrights, trademarks and patents.

Intellectual Property

While most companies are beginning to recognize the increasing importance of intellectual assets, what they still may not realize is how these assets become even more important in a merger/acquisition situation.

Intellectual property assets can be the driving force behind acquisitions and company financing.

Financial transactions, threat of an IP litigation, or just the periodic review of a company’s IP assets requires an IP audit.  The importance of a secure, well-documented system that collects and catalogs the vital information from idea inception to an intellectual property asset is critical to any successful IP Audit

The documentation and security of an organization’s intangible assets is vital to reducing the risks to your intellectual property, including the loss of valuable innovations through inadvertent disclosure, employee departures, illegal publication, and even misappropriation by competitors.

Intellectual Property Management is the cornerstone to the design and operation of the INNOVATOR Solutions.  Identify, classify, manage and protect your intellectual property assets from idea inception to innovation completion with MindMatters Technologies INNOVATOR Express and INNOVATOR Enterprise.

Trade Secrets

It’s only after a trade secret dispute or suspected misappropriation that companies realize that they should have been more proactive in safeguarding key trade secrets in the first place.

Considering that the risk of a single dispute may cost $500,000 in legal fees alone—not to mention the toll on key management, potential damages, and even total loss of the trade secret itself—it’s not difficult to appreciate the destructive potential of even  a single incident.

Two of the factors for evaluating whether information is protected as a trade secret:

  • The extent of measures taken by a company to guard the secrecy of the information; the greater the security of the system guarding the information, the better the trade secret protection.
  • The amount of time, effort, and money expended by the company in developing the information; the more documentation collected and stored by the system, the better the trade secret protection.

The robust security model built into the INNOVATOR Solutions provides the proper protection level of your company’s intellectual property and the assignment of privileges for viewing, editing, forwarding and analyzing innovations and trade secrets.  Our security models safeguard your trade secrets and intellectual property and reduce your risks of loss.

The INNOVATOR Solutions were designed to collect and store the vital trade secret information continuously throughout the innovation and development process, thus reducing the risk to your trade secrets by documenting the time, effort and money expended by your company.

Invention Management

You must manage your intellectual Property to create maximum value. Your invention process is a critical factor in your competitive position. You must facilitate faster throughput between business, legal, and technical groups to get your innovation to market faster.

INNOVATOR Enterprise can manage this process by facilitating faster throughput and accountability. An automatic IP-specific workflow process routes potential IP to any number of various Portfolio Managers, IP Attorneys, Patent Agents, and Reviewers—all while creating tasks that document where the IP is in the process, and next steps.

INNOVATOR includes the appropriate forms, such as invention disclosure, to capture relevant information such as external disclosures, co-inventors, and relevant dates.

In addition, IP-specific analysis question sets benchmark your potential IP against your organization’s criteria and impart consistency in your decision-making process.

Ancillary procedures such as IP activity monitoring, e-signature witnessing, confidentiality marking, and security levels further complete the robustness of the INNOVATOR Enterprise.

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