Invention and IP Management – Overcoming Today’s Obstacles


R&D and Legal Teams around the world are currently in a situation they could not have imagined just a few short months ago, the entire R&D and Legal staff quarantined at home.

If you are reading this, you most likely are encountering some or all of the obstacles of managing your innovation, invention and IP management processes when everyone is separated and working remotely.

You understand the obstacles you are experiencing, you now have a greater awareness these issues existed prior to the stay-at-home orders, they were just not as noticeable or easier to work around.

Have you recently found yourself wishing for a safe and secure solution that helps you efficiently manage all of your invention and IP processes no matter where you are or how separated your team members are?

  • A system your inventors can securely access, collaborate with other team members, and submit ideas and invention disclosures including all documents and attachments with no risk of losing sensitive IP through email interception, hacking or unintentionally sending to the wrong addressee.
  • A system that automatically notifies and routes submitted IP to the appropriate individuals, again without email risk, or the need for emerging IP to be stored on additional computers, especially home computers.
  • A system that organizes all new submissions for review and allows tasks/deadlines to be assigned to the submitter/s for additional information requests.
  • A system that automatically notifies and routes reviewed IP to the next phase of your process, such as the Patent Review Board, again without email risk. No need to send the invention disclosure form and attached documents to all members and risk the storage of emerging IP on even more computers, all information is stored and accessed in one secure system.  There is no need to store the IP on individual laptop or desktop computers.
  • A system that allows each Patent Review Board member to review the submitted IP, optionally complete a customized analysis with questions that can be weighted by importance and scored, enter private Board Member Only notes, and vote on the disposition of the IP.
  • A system dashboard that securely displays all Patent Review Board Members’ analysis, private Board Member comments and votes, expediting the review and disposition of IP with or without an actual on-site or on-line meeting required.
  • A system that can safeguard IP as a Trade Secret, or automatically notify and route an approved invention disclosure to inside or outside counsel for patent filing. Again, without email risk, counsel is notified to simply log on to review the approved invention disclosure and associated documents.
  • A system that tracks the progress and status of all IP through the invention review, patent application and patent life-cycle, providing inventors, R&D staff and Legal Team with instant status updates and award notifications.
  • A system that tracks and records all system activity on all IP, allowing you to see and record when and who has accessed, viewed and modified your IP. An extremely valuable tool, especially when information is being remotely accessed.
  • A system that can keep your R&D staff, whether they are on-site or at home, focused on the opportunities and challenges that are most important to the corporation. The ability to broadcast “Challenges” to your R&D staff to submit ideas/inventions that will help solve the problems and capitalize on the opportunities that will help your company overcome obstacles, achieve goals and profitably thrive into the future.

We welcome you to discover how your company can overcome the current stay-at-home obstacles and better prepare for the future with a system and automatic workflows that allow your innovation, invention, patent review and IP management processes to efficiently and safely thrive whether your employees are in the office or working from home.  Please feel free to contact us at 412-489-5900 ext 4 to discuss in further detail.  Please click below for additional information.  For the white paper, please click on the White Paper Icon in the upper right hand corner.

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John Stowell, Director of Innovation, Zep Inc.

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Kelly Teemant

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