MindMatters Helps Companies Provide Better Health Care Through Innovation

MindMatters, a leading provider of solutions for innovation, recently revealed how their products will help several customers provide better health care.

Feb. 14, 2011 — Health Care companies are on an important, yet endless quest to make improvements, achieve efficiency, and provide the best care possible for their patients. At the core of this pursuit lies the critical need to innovate. For many organizations, this starts with managing ideas and feedback from stakeholders such as employees, patients, and partners – a process that can be both difficult and expensive.

MindMatters, based in Canonsburg, PA, aims to eliminate this barrier for Health Care organizations. Their solutions help to guide companies along the pathway to better innovation by tapping into latent ideas and expertise and making it actionable. Using their tools, Health Care groups can solve problems and improve operations in ways never realized before. MindMatters recently announced their signing of several new customers in this area.

At Asante Health System, leadership was searching for the best way to leverage employee wisdom and improve overall engagement. Headquartered in Medford, Oregon, the not-for-profit medical care provider serves Southern Oregon and parts of Northern California. They recently purchased MindMatters’ Flagpole software to put a management process in place for sharing ideas and potential innovations.

Gregg Edwards, Chief People Officer for Asante, recognizes the impact of employee suggestions and better employee engagement. “By using MindMatter’s Flagpole tools, Asante hopes to capture great ideas and act on them much more effectively. This will allow us to not only capitalize on the brilliance of our employees, but also to collaborate on organizational issues in a much more engaging, satisfying way. For both Asante’s leadership and its employees, we look for this to be a highly valuable program.”

University of Utah manages the state’s Poison Control Center in Salt Lake City. In order to provide the fastest, most effective care possible, it’s important for the Utah PCC to collaborate with other centers in the National Poison Control system. To accomplish this, their team will use Flagpole to connect to about 50 other Poison Control Centers across the US to share knowledge, solve problems, and socialize best practices. This knowledge sharing endeavor will help create a standard set of “lesson plans” to help educate Posion Control specialists preparing for accreditation. The result will be better-equipped Poison Control Center agents delivering faster, more accurate care around the country.

The project is being guided by Kelly Teemant from the University of Utah’s College of Pharmacy who stated, “Flagpole offers novel social marketing techniques to partner and collaborate with the National Poison Control Center community. We are excited to utilize the power and knowledge of the crowd in developing our project,” said Teemant.

According to MindMatters, their customers and clients, including, many top Health Care organizations, use their tools in a variety of ways to solve issues, find improvements, share ideas, and increase innovation.


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John Stowell, Director of Innovation, Zep Inc.

"StageTrak is very customizable to your needs. Once it's up and running it's pretty intuitive. It's much simpler to operate than most of its competitors."

"We avoided $750,000 in cost in North American alone last year because we're being more selective and going after better intellectual property."

Kelly Teemant

"Flagpole offers novel social marketing techniques to partner and collaborate with the National Poison Control Center community."

VP Science & Technology, PPG Industries

"The MindMatters solution is the catalyst for generating growth opportunities and new sources of revenue."

Tom Mauss, Chief Executive Officer

"We were impressed with MindMatters’ entire Step by Step Innovation process. They helped us identify areas where we might fail, and successfully navigated around those obstacles."

"Our R&D idea submissions have tripled over the whole of the previous year."

Gregg Edwards, Chief People Officer

"Allows us to not only capitalize on the brilliance of our employees, but also to collaborate on organizational issues in a much more engaging, satisfying way."

Director of R&D

"The MindMatters software has really worked out for our team. It has enabled us to develop a process that effectively mines the innovative thoughts of R&D. Our invention disclosure count is through the roof compared to pre-MindMatters numbers."

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In 2002, 8,254 civil cases related to intellectual property theft were filed in U.S. courts.
U.S. Department of Justice
The fastest-growing U.S. companies tend to foster innovation.
Harnessing Innovation, PriceWaterhouse Coopers
In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.


Albert Einstein
All told, 69 percent of the executives who participated ranked innovation as one of their company’s top-three strategic priorities.
Boston Consulting Group Survey
Intellect and innovation are the sources of virtually all economic value, growth, and strategic edge today.
James Brian Quinn, Professor of Management, Dartmouth College
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