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MindMatters offers a range of services to help you make the most of Innovation processes within your organization. If you’re looking to take advantage of innovation in your organization right away, ask about our Step by Step Innovation program. Its designed to get you up and running quickly, and its guaranteed to show results.

If you need help figuring out the best way to make innovation work within your organization, then consider the Innovation Assessment and Best Practices Study. This program enables MindMatters’ professionals to help you design and build an innovation program that will be well-received, long-lasting, and profitable.

While innovation and creativity are critical to an organization’s success, it cannot be forced or even demanded of people. Many organizations mistakenly “push” innovation onto their employees by setting up idea submission websites or building elaborating brainstorming areas, however, they rarely yield success because they force rather than ask for innovation.

Instead, the appropriate environment and processes need to be crafted, such that an employee’s innate creativity are naturally forthcoming. This entails addressing logistical, psychological, technical, and managerial aspects of the organization with our proven best practices and systems.

Step by Step Innovation: Turnkey Innovation

We have languishing innovation and a poor new product introduction rate. Concept generation has been tried before, but has yielded no real significant results. There is a critical competitive need to innovate, but poor culture and lack of focus are major roadblocks.

Expected Results: Focused innovation initiatives, faster adoption by employee base, and solutions to current, important business problems/challenges. Also demonstrates faster return on investment.

Our research demonstrates that directing innovation challenges to users is an excellent way to stimulate creative problem solving and fresh thinking – and tap the latent intellectual capital that exists within every organization. Directed Innovation also serves to align individuals with the core needs of the business. In effect, Breakthrough Challenges becomes a catalyst for engaging people into the process of solving key, strategic challenges.

Development and implementation of these features will serve to drive an immediate increase in performance and participation across the entire system.

  • Discovery sessions with senior management focused on identification and capture of strategic challenges and goals,
  • Design, build-out, configuration and implementation of the corporate strategic challenges within MindMatters’ software tools.
  • Oversight and management of initial activity and results. Performance data and analysis.

Innovation Assessment: Best Practice Design

Our organization is being pressed to develop new products more rapidly and more profitably with less resources. Today, we are using an internally-developed idea submission web page, and are tracking ideas with spreadsheets. What areas of improvement should we focus on?”

Expected Results: Comprehensive assessment of your organization’s “innovation” capabilities and processes, and where and how to best improve your productivity in this key area.

Using MindMatters’ proprietary model, interviews are conducted with key individuals and prospective users within the company. The intent is to solicit feedback and input from a wide range of individuals and users of the various processes and systems in major areas such as innovation strategy, resource availability, IT requirements, and intellectual property issues.

Depending on the scope of your organization, this study can take anywhere from two to 12 weeks, and provides in-depth information about your organization, opportunity areas, and areas in need of improvement.

  • Understanding and mapping the innovation/design process from conception through various internal steps and processes, including the various administrative functions, as well as management’s role and decision-making process;
  • Gathering an appreciation of the specific oversight and security issues and policies as it pertains to overall protection;
  • Developing a specific list of recommendations for future consideration and implementation, presented to management at the conclusion of the study.

Intellectual Property Assessment: Best Practice Design

I need my people to appreciate the growing importance of intellectual property and how to best recognize, document, manage and safeguard new IP assets. I’m concerned that we are not efficient or as effective as we should be in this area. We need a strategic roadmap.”

Expected Results: Reinforced view savvy employees, who can identify patentable materials, trade secrets, and other IP issues, resulting in a business-oriented view of the management of intellectual assets.

The purpose is to educate employees on the key subject areas of IP, including patents, trade secrets, and intellectual asset strategy, including strategic alignment, and business oriented management of intellectual property. Lasting approximately one-half day in seminar format.

A typical agenda might include:

  • Brief overview of intellectual property, and examples of such at your organization.
  • Discussion around IAM processes and procedures, from the moment of capture to the appropriate processes and data handling of this information.
  • Case studies around best practice examples of intellectual property workflows and measures.
  • Development of an education and validation plan for educating and informing your employees about the specific actions that might be asked of them as part of their day-to-day activities.

Product Development Workflow: Best Practice Design

Our new product pipeline is languishing and we can’t keep up with market demands for innovative new products.  We need to improve our pipeline and our product development process with stage/phase gate management.

Expected Results: A pipeline of products that focuses on your most competitive areas with strong ROI and market penetration. Faster speed-to-market along with being able to identify process bottlenecks.

MindMatters’ works on two primary components:  pipeline building and pipeline throughput. Employing elements from Step by Step Innovation, your organization’s pipeline of new, targeted ideas are captured and reviewed.  Once new products are selected for further development, we concentrate on improving the overall development process.  Existing templates and process spreadsheets are converted into an integrated, collaborative workspace.  This collaborative environment increases speed-to-market, improves quality, and simultaneously reduces the tedious tracking elements of new projects.

Depending on the scope of your organization, this study can take anywhere from two to 12 weeks, and provides in-depth information about your organization, opportunity areas, and areas in need of improvement.

Specific tasks include:

  • Building of Challenges using Step by Step methodology
  • Analysis of current processes with recommendations for process improvements based on best practices.
  • Conversion of existing product development documents into series of tasks/gates that can be collaboratively managed.

Software Solutions

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