Simple to set up, easy-to-use and manage! Available instantly via SaaS.

INNOVATOR Express is a comprehensive Idea Management, Stage and Gate Product Development and Invention Management solution based on two decades of best practices. Based on MindMatter’s best practices, Innovator Express is targeted at organizations that need fast startup and quick return on innovation. Available separately, or as an completely integrated solution, INNOVATOR Express is comprised of the following components:

Idea Management

Create an environment where employee engagement, motivation, and collaboration come together to make innovation faster and more profitable. Create your own “Social Innovation Network.”


Stage and Gate Product Development

Stage and Gate Product Development made simple.  Don’t reinvent your process–use your own existing spreadsheets and templates to create a web-enabled, collaborative, product and portfolio management system.


Invention Management

PatPend is a powerful but easy to use tool to manage your invention process. One click of the mouse turns an approved idea or innovation into an invention disclosure.  PatPend allows you to easily create, review, and manage your organization’s invention disclosure and intellectual property process.

Key Features include:

  • Best practices in idea and innovation management, product development, and intellectual property management
  • Easily configured for any organization
  • SaaS allows fast implementation
  • Customize with your corporate logo and color
  • Customer designed log-in screen provides users with ongoing valuable information about their innovation program
  • Benefit-Tracker™ allows you to measure and identify the financial benefit or Return-on-Investment of each idea, innovation and solution- making approval decisions easier and more accurate
  • One-click of the mouse turns your approved ideas, innovations and solutions into stage and gate product development projects
  • Upgradeable to the INNOVATOR Enterprise
  • Highest level of data security and protection
  • Powerful features for an economical price

Every organization aspires to achieve superior results by executing a finely tuned, collaborative, opportunity-directed innovation process.

We realize that software alone does not provide the ultimate solution for maximizing the innovation process within an organization.  The appropriate environment and processes need to be developed and implemented.

What Is It?

Our greatest asset is our years of expertise and best practices that we bring to each client’s innovation program implementation process.  Our proprietary processes have been fined-tuned from over a decade of implementing successful innovation programs for some of the largest and most innovative companies in the world.  Our programs are comprehensive and help guarantee your success.

To accomplish your goals, MindMatters’ professionals will work with your management and employees to help you implement an innovation program that will be well-received, long-lasting, and profitable.

How Does It Work?

While every organization’s culture, business needs, processes, and implementations differ, many of the basic elements are common to each environment.  We work with each client and customize our Implementation Program to match their needs and requirements.  We will work with you to:

  • Formulate and decide on major innovation issues
  • Create an Implementation Checklist and an overall system configuration plan
  • Assess your organizational environment
  • Provide a customized training program
  • Run Timed-Challenge™ Discovery Sessions

At the end of the Implementation Program, we meet with your team members to verify that all Implementation Checklist requirements have been met and you are completely satisfied with the roll-out of your new innovation program.

Your success is our future. We firmly believe that the success of an innovation program starts at the initial stages of planning and progresses through the implementation, training and on-going support of the program.

Learn more about MindMatters’ Services


Every organization is different and has its own requirements and needs.  Basic elements of the MindMatter’s Training Program will be consistent throughout each organization, and other aspects will be customized to meet your specific goals and objectives. Depending on the MindMatters’ offered solution and the size and requirements of the organization, MindMatters will conduct training sessions for administrators, managers, end-users and others.  These training sessions will take place on-site, via web-hosting, or a combination of both. We take training very seriously.  Proper training along with management support for your innovation program is the key to your success. Learn more about MindMatters’ training programs

Secure Hosting

Our client’s data security is our top priority.  Every element of our application is examined as to how it protects client data from both internal and external threats.

SSAE-16 Certified Hosting Facilities

Our client’s data security is our top priority.  Every element of our application is examined as to how it protects client data from both internal and external threats.  Data is protected as it travels from our servers to your PC via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption over the Internet.  Once the data is on our servers, the database is further encrypted in our world-class hosting facilities. This SSAE-16 certified facility is protected with 24-hour surveillance and biometric security, and utilizes state-of-the-art fire suppression, redundant power, off-site backups, and a full complement of enterprise level network security systems to provide you with the highest level of security for your data.

We are glad to share more information about our safe and secure hosting environment and security measures with those prospective client’s who have signed Non Disclosure Agreements and are at the Sales Agreement signing stage.

The security of your data is our future.  We take it very seriously.

Zendesk Integration

Move Feature Requests to your Idea Management process with Flagpole.  Assign project managers, track status and return on investment, and prepare management reporting.

Welcome to the Zendesk® integration page for MindMatters’ Flagpole system.  Now you can manage feature requests entered into Zendesk with the best practices of the Flagpole Idea Management.  With Flagpole, feature requests will automatically be downloaded into your Flagpole Idea Management system so that you can manage them through the idea management process.

Specific integration points include:

  • Zendesk Feature Requests Automatically downloaded into Flagpole
  • Comments entered into Zendesk and Flagpole are automatically updated in each respective site so that customers can communicate with you.
  • Status updates in Flagpole are automatically updated in Zendesk so that customers will know the disposition of their ideas.

In Flagpole, you’ll be able to:

  • Move Feature Requests into specific categories, and classify the features according to your own criteria.
  • Change the status of ideas based on your analysis
  • Assign project managers to implement the ideas
  • Manage Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Vote and comment on ideas
  • Report on throughput, approved projects, and other statistics
  • With the addition of StageTrak, our integrated Project Management Solution, you’ll be able to manage approved ideas as major projects including the assignment of multiple team members, customized stage and gates processes, and detailed tasks.
Zapier Integration

Expand MindMatters integration possibilities with Zapier.

Zapier enables you to automate tasks between other online services, e.g., Salesforce, Google, Twitter, email, texting, Facebook and Yammer.  There are several hundred services available, and with this new integration, no development is required to build these automated tasks.

To create these tasks, you must have a Zapier account (free).  With this account, you can create as many automated tasks as you want.  Each task is based on a trigger.  For example, if you wanted to receive an email every time a new idea was submitted, you would set up a Zap: “When a new idea is submitted in Flagpole, send an email to my account”

You can get as detailed as you need.  For example, to refine the above Zap, you could only have it send you an email when the idea was from a certain category or submitted by a certain person.  Zapier automatically screens the information and only sends you what you want.

Once the Zap is created, it works automatically without any intervention– you no longer have to waste your time doing repetitive tasks.


  • idea submitted, filter by category
  • comment added, filter by idea or submitter
  • idea status changed, filter by idea or submitter
  • idea project manager assigned, filter by submitter
  • idea completed, filter by idea or submitter
  • challenge added, filter by category
  • idea added to moderation, filter by category
  • “ask for stats”
  • “current challenge”
  • create idea
  • return statistics
  • return idea description/details
  • return challenge details


  • project submitted, filter by category
  • comment added, filter by project or submitter
  • project stage changed, filter by project or submitter
  • project manager/team member assigned, filter by submitter
  • project completed, filter by project or submitter
  • task added, filter by project or submitter
  • task completed, filter by project or submitter
  • “ask for stats”
  • create project
  • return statistics
  • return project description/details


  • invention submitted, filter by category, ip manager, counsel
  • comment added, filter by project or submitter
  • invention stage changed, filter by invention or submitter, ip manager, counsel
  • ip manager/team member assigned, filter by submitter
  • invention completed, filter by invention or submitter, ip manager, counsel
  • task added, filter by invention or submitter
  • task completed, filter by invention or submitter, ip manager, counsel
  • “ask for stats”
  • create invention
  • return statistics
  • return description/details

John Stowell, Director of Innovation, Zep Inc.

"StageTrak is very customizable to your needs. Once it's up and running it's pretty intuitive. It's much simpler to operate than most of its competitors."

"We avoided $750,000 in cost in North American alone last year because we're being more selective and going after better intellectual property."

Kelly Teemant

"Flagpole offers novel social marketing techniques to partner and collaborate with the National Poison Control Center community."

VP Science & Technology, PPG Industries

"The MindMatters solution is the catalyst for generating growth opportunities and new sources of revenue."

Tom Mauss, Chief Executive Officer

"We were impressed with MindMatters’ entire Step by Step Innovation process. They helped us identify areas where we might fail, and successfully navigated around those obstacles."

"Our R&D idea submissions have tripled over the whole of the previous year."

Gregg Edwards, Chief People Officer

"Allows us to not only capitalize on the brilliance of our employees, but also to collaborate on organizational issues in a much more engaging, satisfying way."

Director of R&D

"The MindMatters software has really worked out for our team. It has enabled us to develop a process that effectively mines the innovative thoughts of R&D. Our invention disclosure count is through the roof compared to pre-MindMatters numbers."

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