Product Development

MindMatters has been providing tools and solutions to improve NPD processes for decades.

We have experienced the inefficiencies with current tools and technology. Based on this feedback, MindMatters Technologies developed, StageTrak, a Best Practice New Product Development solution, combining the benefits of process, project, document, collaboration, and portfolio management, with the data collection and calculation capabilities of spreadsheets into one easy-to-use system.

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Stage and Gate Product Development

Designed to help you effortlessly move from spreadsheets to an online, collaborative stage and gate product development solution.  Simply upload your spreadsheets into StageTrak and they are transformed into web-based process and portfolio management tools–no learning curve for your users.  If you don’t have your own process, then you can use any of MindMatters’ 30+ preconfigured spreadsheets. Team members can easily view, access and manage the stages and tasks of their product development projects from any web-enabled computer.

StageTrak is a stand-alone stage and gate product management solution, as well as, an integrated component of INNOVATOR™ Express, allowing you to manage the innovation discovery stage with Flagpole, and the intellectual property and invention disclosure process with PatPend.

  • Continue using your existing spreadsheets as the basis for collecting, calculating and organizing NPD project data. Spreadsheets are universal.
  • Flexibility to be easily adapted to your specific processes, whether a traditional five stage (six stage if including the discovery stage) or accelerated 2, 3 or 4 stage processes.
  • Visibility into the progress of the stage or phase gate process and provides accountability for the major milestones of the process.
  • Portfolio management allows key decision criteria from any combination of NPD projects to be compared and evaluated for better and more accurate decision making.
  • Organizes and stores all project documents and stage deliverables for easy access, modification and viewing.
  • Instant visibility into the value of individual NPD projects as well as portfolios of NPD projects.
  • Collaborate and communication becomes a permanent visible record within the project. Where impromptu requests for information and tasks are recorded and communicated with deadlines.
  • Simple – Our customer feedback made it very clear that the solution must be simple and easy-to-use to achieve a high level of use and acceptance.

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Would you like more information on our proven process?  Schedule a discussion online, or call us now at
412-489-5900 x4.

John Stowell, Director of Innovation, Zep Inc.

"StageTrak is very customizable to your needs. Once it's up and running it's pretty intuitive. It's much simpler to operate than most of its competitors."

"We avoided $750,000 in cost in North American alone last year because we're being more selective and going after better intellectual property."

Kelly Teemant

"Flagpole offers novel social marketing techniques to partner and collaborate with the National Poison Control Center community."

VP Science & Technology, PPG Industries

"The MindMatters solution is the catalyst for generating growth opportunities and new sources of revenue."

Tom Mauss, Chief Executive Officer

"We were impressed with MindMatters’ entire Step by Step Innovation process. They helped us identify areas where we might fail, and successfully navigated around those obstacles."

"Our R&D idea submissions have tripled over the whole of the previous year."

Gregg Edwards, Chief People Officer

"Allows us to not only capitalize on the brilliance of our employees, but also to collaborate on organizational issues in a much more engaging, satisfying way."

Director of R&D

"The MindMatters software has really worked out for our team. It has enabled us to develop a process that effectively mines the innovative thoughts of R&D. Our invention disclosure count is through the roof compared to pre-MindMatters numbers."